Videolicious– Over 100 media and enterprise brands use Videolicious to empower their employees to automatically edit videos in seconds on iPhones and iPads. Ultra fast video production automatically weaves together a-roll, b-roll and more, just talk and tap. The Videolicious Enterprise platform automatically adds motion graphics branding, lower thirds, collects video productions automatically edited in the field, notifies digital operations teams, and transmits final videos to popular online video platforms along with metadata. With investors such as, Videolicious has over 1,000,000 users in over 100 countries, and is translated into 16 languages. Empower entire teams with the ability to create marketing, sales, and communications videos faster, easier, and manage the online video creation workflow with incredible efficiency.  With the editing optimized for mobile device GPUs, HD videos are put together in seconds right on the iPhone or iPad without any need to upload source footage to the cloud.